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Want to learn first-hand what it feels like to study abroad, or want to relive studying abroad? Follow our 10 highly skilled bloggers on Blog from Abroad. They will be recounting their adventures of walking up the steps of Medieval Castles in Bangor, eating tapas in Granada, swimming in waterfalls in Merida; these students are excited to share their adventures. And to get you started…

“While abroad, I hope to just gain a new point of view on the world.  Between growing up on a farm and going to a high school that was 65% Native American, I’ve already had an interesting up-bringing, and this experience going abroad will hopefully give me a different perspective on how another culture lives.  Furthermore, while abroad I hope to be able to travel a bit and see other parts of Europe and enjoy the food and lifestyles of different places throughout Europe.  Lastly, I would love to just become a member of the Leiden community. Between taking part in the service learning program and hopefully joining some sort of soccer/football league while in Leiden, I can gain acceptance from the locals and gain a deeper access into their culture/life.”

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Meet Daniel
Meet Daniel