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I stayed with a host mom and I am so happy I did. I dove deep into the culture, and made it a part of my everyday life. There were some times when I would get frustrated with the language barrier, but overall it was totally worth it. I grew in my Spanish, and grew as a person as well.
– Megan Gray
Central College

Studies in Global Health

The Studies in Global Health program exposes students to a health care system different than their own and provides Spanish language preparation for a future career in health care. Two semesters of college Spanish is required. A typical course load is 13-16 credit hours. The academic program is broken down into four required areas:

Culture Course

The culture course is taught in English by the resident director and serves as the foundation for your academic program, providing cultural and historical context.

course offered for 3 credits

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Spanish language courses

All students are also required to take at least one Spanish language course at the appropriate language level. Language courses are taught in Spanish at the beginning through advanced level. Choose from the following:

Courses are offered for three to four credits.

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Central College Abroad courses

Central College Abroad courses are taught by local faculty at the Central College Abroad house. These courses will introduce you to Mexican expectations and styles of health care, as well as improve your written and oral Spanish skills - especially those specific to health care.

Course electives include:

Courses are offered for three credits.

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Internships and Service-learning

Students are required to participate in an internship or service-learning placement in a health related field.  These placements are for one to three academic credits and will introduce you to health care settings in Mexico while practicing your Spanish skills.

Possible placements include:

  • Local NGO
  • Government run social service hospital
  • Community health center
  • Orphanage
  • Mental health facility
  • Veterinary office
  • Diabetes education
  • Physical therapy
  • Health promotion
  • Nutrition education

Please see our section on internships and service-learning to learn more about your options.

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