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My internship was definitely my favorite academic experience! It was absolutely wonderful, I learned so much, and it helped me get to know British people and learn about their health care system.
– Kaylee Gibney
Drake University

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Population: approximately 8 million
Language: English

London is the capital of England as well as the largest city in the United Kingdom. It is one of the world’s leading business, financial and cultural centers, qualities that students find particularly appealing as they look to study abroad in a city with exciting cultural experiences and meaningful academic and internship opportunities.
The city has much to offer study abroad students let alone Londoners. London boasts a thriving theatre district and is home to the modern reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Students, locals and tourists alike take advantage of London’s many free museums and plentiful green spaces. It is not uncommon to find students museum hopping in the early afternoon, playing a pick-up football (soccer) match in the late afternoon and attending a movie premier or West End show in the evening.
Central College Abroad London is known nationally for its internship program. Most students on the London program work at an internship one to two days each week. Over 100 internships, offered for credit only, are available to students. Central College Abroad London even has a full-time internship coordinator on staff to help students find a placement that suits their personal and professional goals.

Each semester the London program is delighted to welcome a diverse student population, with backgrounds in art, business, sciences, politics, theatre, law, etc. There is truly something for everyone!