granada photo
I loved my host family. There is no experience like that of moving in with a new group of people who in no time become your family. The impact on my Spanish skills was immeasurable. My host mother told me that I am always invited back to my house in Granada anytime I'd like.
– Jeremy Gray
Elmira College


Each Central program offers an in-depth orientation that will acclimate students to the country's language and culture as they get a feel for their new environment.

Granada orientation

Get to know your surroundings by beginning your semester abroad with a full orientation led by the resident director. Two weeks of orientation and intensive language classes help students adapt to their new culture with excursions to historical and cultural sites, and prepare for the University of Granada language placement exam.

Orientations details:

  • Intensive language courses are held three hours a day, Monday-Friday morning.
  • Afternoon sessions may include orientation meetings, guest speakers, or area tours.
  • Students receive two credits for the language coursework taken during orientation. This coursework will be transcribed as a separate term, and the credits earned will not be counted in the credit hour limits for the semester.
  • All coursework is taught in Spanish.

Please see our course catalog to see course options by language level.

Cultural excursions

One of the highlights of studying through Central College Abroad Granada is the number of cultural activities and excursions that are included as part of your program fee. These excursions, facilitated by the resident director, speak to the cultural learning and understanding you’ll gain in your courses. Recent excursions include:

  • A visit to the Alhambra, a series of spectacular 14th century palaces and gardens overlooking Granada.
  • Attend a soccer match and flamenco dancing.
  • Day trip to a nearby city, either Córdoba or Seville.
  • Experience olive oil tasting and wine tasting.
  • Four-days in the North African country of Morocco (Morocco Exchange).

The Morocco Exchange

A four-day trip to Morocco is often the cultural highlight of the semester. After crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, students discover Moroccan culture through this unique immersion experience. The Morocco Exchange program is facilitated by cross-cultural experts, providing students with a safe and meaningful experience. Students can expect to:

  • Experience authentic Moroccan life through homestays
  • Immerse yourself in Moroccan culture through conversations with
    local students and professors
  • Sample traditional spicy Moroccan cuisine

What's included

Day trips include entrance fees and host families provide a bag lunch. The Morocco excursion is 4 days/4 nights and includes lodging, meals, and entrance fees.

Outside of regular program excursions, many students choose to explore on their own, either over the weekend or during a semester break. In the past, students have hiked the Sierra Nevada Mountains, enjoyed the nearby Mediterranean beaches, and have visited other cities in Spain, such as Barcelona. Longer trips have taken them to Portugal, Italy and other locations throughout Europe.