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Being in a language immersion program can be challenging, but we are here to help you on your journey.
– Veronica Garcia Montero
Granada program director

meet the director

Every Central College Abroad program boasts a resident director who plays a unique role in students' experience. Directors provide academic advising; teach a hands-on seminar, where students learn about the host city and then experience it first hand, and lead the cultural excursions connected to the seminar class. Central College Abroad takes pride in the personalized attention that it can provide students.

Verónica García Montero

Verónica García Montero, the resident director in Granada, is a native of southern Spain and brings a wealth of knowledge about Granada and all of Spain to the program. Verónica received a Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees from the University of Granada.

Veronica loves to share experiences with her students, whether they are stories from her own past study abroad experience or talking to students about their integration into the Granada culture. She encourages students to get out of their comfort zones, because she finds they leave with a more enriching experience, not to mention a better awareness of cultural differences when they get to know other Spaniards and international students.

She has been resident director of the Granada program since 1999. Personally, she is interested in sustainable living and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, walking through Granada’s natural parks and swimming on the beaches of Cadiz.

Academic credentials
  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of Granada
  • Master of Arts in international cooperation and NGO from the University of Granada

You'll find Verónica...

In the Central College Abroad office within the Center for Modern Languages or at the Central College Abroad center, an additional teaching space just minutes away. Her door is always open, but you’ll find she tries to foster a sense of independence among students. To support their growth, Veronica offers a cross cultural workshop that meets throughout the semester. Discussion is driven by students’ observations and centered on building cultural competency.