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I loved my host family. There is no experience like that of moving in with a new group of people who in no time become your family. The impact on my Spanish skills was immeasurable. My host mother told me that I am always invited back to my house in Granada anytime I'd like.
– Jeremy Gray
Elmira College

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SpainLocation: Granada, Spain

Affiliated university: University of Granada's Center for Modern Languages (CLM)

Central College Abroad coursework: Yes

Special programs: Islamic Studies in Spain

Language prerequisite: None

Language of instruction: Spanish

Service-learning options: Yes

Internships: Yes

Recent excursions: Historical and cultural sites around Granada, such as the Alhambra that overlooks the city, and the nearby cities of Seville and Córdoba. A four-day excursion to Morocco in northern Africa.

Housing and meals: All students live with host families, located within walking distance of campus. All meals provided.

Program dates: Fall semester, early-September — mid-December. Spring semester, mid-January — late-May.

Average program size: 40 students

Staff to student ratio: 1:13