Course Name: Introduction to British Theatre
Course Code: THEA 345L
Credits: 4
Institution: Central College
Term: Spring semester
Core: Literature/Philosophy (LP)
Language Level:
Language Track:
This course is designed to familiarize students with the history and current circumstances of British theatre through an academic study of live plays, many in current production. Students who are new to the subject will be introduced to the skills of theatre art such as playwriting, acting, directing and scenography (set, costume, lighting and sound design). Students who are already familiar with these areas will experience a variety of new plays, productions and theatre buildings. All should receive a firsthand experience of contemporary theatre practice and should learn about Britain and the British by becoming part of an audience and witnessing how audiences respond. A lab fee is charged in London to cover the cost of approximately 10 theatre tickets and is due by the first week of classes.

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