Course Name: Spanish for Health Professionals
Course Code: SPAN 320Y
Credits: 3
Institution: Central College
Term: Fall semester
Spring semester
Language Level: Advanced
Language Track: Courses Taught in Spanish-Yucatan
PREREQUISITE: Spanish 222, four semesters of college Spanish or equivalent


1. Students in this course will continue to build their abilities to speak Spanish. Oral expression will be emphasized in class activities with the goal of elevating the student to speaking in sentence and multi-sentence-level discourse. Since your purpose for being in this class is to develop your ability to speak Spanish, Spanish will be the language of instruction and interaction in the class. 2. Students in this course will continue to develop their abilities to write effectively in Spanish, focusing on writing instructions for patients. 3. Students in this course will continue to develop the skills of reading in Spanish through selected texts that will present health-related topics related to chapter vocabulary and themes. 4. Students in this course will continue to build their vocabulary base and further develop a repertoire to be able to discuss both general and health-specific topics, as well as to build the skills to promote the acquisition of new and technical vocabulary. 5. Students will continue to broaden their knowledge of Hispanic cultures through readings, viewing films in Spanish and class discussions. 6. At the end of this course, students will be able to discuss the following topics on a general level: a. Take patient information (personal and medical) b. Make appointments and referrals c. Take patient histories d. Engage in diagnostic conversations e. Give recommendations and instructions for patient care

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