Course Name: The Art of Photography
Course Code: ART 115N
Credits: 3
Institution: Central College
Term: Fall semester
Spring semester
Core: Arts (ART)
Language Level:
Language Track:
Goal of this course is to learn to use the camera in order to approach the world. By using a camera and taking pictures the students will observe their environment and also interpret it. During this course students will be trained in the basic skills of photography. They will experiment with different techniques to learn how to use their own digital camera and get the most out of it. They will also learn how to work with digital files and the program Photoshop. Besides technique students will be working on construction, concept and personal expression in producing images. Looking for a personal approach and trying to explain what they want to express in their work is part of the program. Students should be in the possession of a digital camera. It is important that you can use this camera in a manual mode, to change shutter speed and aperture separately. That’s why it is advised to use a digital mirror reflex camera. With these cameras you will learn the most during this course. Nevertheless you are allowed to join this course with a compact camera if it has a manual mode. Participants should be prepared to spend some money on printing their digital files and an excursion to a museum for example.

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