Course Name: Globalization: Theory and Practice
Course Code: POLS 243N
Credits: 3
Institution: Central College
Term: Fall semester
Spring semester
Core: Social/Behavioral Inquiry (SB)
Language Level:
Language Track:
Globalization has become a new term to describe the changes in the global economy, culture and the nature of international relations. Globalization is affecting the life of human beings all over the world. Therefore the main question in this course will be what globalization is and how it is changing our lives. The course will examine the process of globalization and its effect on the environment, culture, security, media, the nation-state, north-south relations, economy, business. The pros and cons in the emerging debate about globalization will be discussed. Is globalization a choice or is it an irreversible development? Does globalization have any other meaning in an European context?

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