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The Central College Abroad program separates itself from others in many ways--it is a personalized program that cares about you; the excursions are unique, fun and informative; the experience was a once in a lifetime chance that I'm so glad I took!
– Ryan Boege
University of Northern Iowa

annual coop council conference

2012 conference agenda

Thursday, April 12, 2012

10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Graham 1
Newcomer's Session
Jennifer Larson, Senior Coordinator of Institutional Relations, Central College Abroad; Maria Rohach, Coordinator of Institutional Relations, Central College Abroad; Ruth Verweijen, Director, Vienna, Austria; Lisa Ellor Smith, Territory Representative, Central College Abroad; Jen Hogan, Assistant Director of International Programs at Drake University, and Susan Burns, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Morningside College

“The Central College Abroad Difference,” overview of our structure and services. Join us for this supplemental session designed especially for first-time conference attendees and those new to Central College Abroad. Hear firsthand from staff, resident directors and members of the Cooperative Council about what sets Central College Abroad apart.  
12:00 pm
Graham Banquet Hall
Welcome Luncheon
1:00 pm
Graham 1
Lyn Isaacson, Associate Dean of Global Education, Central College
1:15 pm
Graham 1
Keynote Address — Where We Are and How We Are Doing
Dr. Madeleine Green, Senior Fellow at the International Association of Universities and at NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

Madeleine Green, an expert in internationalization and higher education leadership and management issues, will deliver a keynote address on assessing global education — where we are and how we are doing.
2:30 pm Break
2:45 - 3:30 pm

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Graham 1
Concurrent Sessions

Strategic Study Abroad Planning for a Small Office

Dr. Ryan Dye, Director of International Education at St. Ambrose University

How does a small study abroad office remain strategic while completing its countless daily responsibilities?  Dr. Ryan Dye, Director of International Education at St. Ambrose University, will review SAU’s recently completed strategic planning process and how it shapes the work of his study abroad office.  He will then lead a discussion about ways that small study abroad offices can engage in long-term, big-picture thinking while handling ongoing issues. 

Student Learning Abroad — Program Presentations: Paris, Vienna and Granada
Shelley Cavaness, Director, Paris, France; Ruth Verweijen, Director, Vienna, Austria; Veronica Garcia Montero, Director, Granada, Spain

Hear from three resident directors who represent language immersion programs. Learn how programmatic features on these sites support student learning goals in the areas of language proficiency, understanding of international and cultural groups other than their own and ethical and responsible interaction with international communities.
3:30 pm
Graham 1
Individual Director Appointments

Graham Conference Center (see appointment letter for room locations)

Meet one-on-one with our international resident directors. Learn more about a specific aspect of the program, research new opportunities in that location or discuss options for your students. This is a great chance to get to know the leaders of our programs.

Bookending the Experience
Brian Zylstra, Manager of On-Campus Operations and Student Services at Central College Abroad and Dr. Dennis Doyle, Professor of Communication at Central College and Faculty Liaison for the London Program

Learn how Central College Abroad has implemented virtual pre-departure and re-entry programming with students at Central College and across the country. Join us as we examine its roots in the GPI and discuss how it prepares students for, and helps them adjust from, the study abroad experience.
4:00 - 6:00 pm
The Weller Center for Business and International Studies
Central College Study Abroad Fair

Take part in our annual study abroad fair. Drop by this annual Central College event, where students, faculty and staff have a chance to meet with our on-site resident directors as well as program alumni. Enjoy international food, music and fun!
6:30 - 8:30 pm Presidential Reception
(Home of President Mark and Tammy Putnam – 914 Adams St.)

Friday, April 13, 2012

8:30 am Continental Breakfast/Coffee
9:00 am
Graham 1
Global Experiential Learning and the Planning Year at Central College
Mary Strey, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Central College
9:15 am

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Graham 1
Concurrent Sessions

Ensuring  Academic Rigour on Study Abroad Sites: Bangor and Paris
Tecwyn Vaughan Jones, Director, Bangor, Wales; Shelley Cavaness, Director, Paris, France .

Study abroad offers participating students many opportunities including culture participation, travel, new social opportunities and also independence from their cultural and academic environments at home. This session will focus on how resident directors encourage students to attend fully to their academic requirements and ensure that academic rigor is established and maintained throughout the study abroad period.

Student Learning Abroad — Program presentations: London, Leiden and Ghana

Mark Simmons, Director, London, England; Steef Eman, Director, Leiden, the Netherlands; Sam Mate-Kodjo, Director, Accra, Ghana

Hear from resident directors of our English language programs as they discuss how programmatic features such as on-site cultural orientation and regular reflection increase emotional intelligence and enhance personal development. This session will also examine how short-term cultural immersion enables students to see their cultural group from a different perspective.
9:45 am Break
10:00 am
Graham 1
Making Informed Choices: Approaches to and Outcomes of Effective Advising
Charla Bailey, Director of International Education at Texas Lutheran University; Julie Maddox, Director of Study Abroad Programs at Valparaiso University; Steef Eman, Director, Leiden, the Netherlands and Brian Zylstra, Manager of On-Campus Operations and Student Services at Central College Abroad

At a time with so many study abroad options and information coming from multiple sources, students often look to others for recommendations. This panel discussion will examine how students make their study abroad selection and what study abroad advisors can do to facilitate the decision process.
11:00 am Break
11:15 am
Graham 1
Study Abroad as Preparation for Health Professions
Valerie Grimsley, Director, Merida, Yucatan; Dr. Ellie DuPre, Associate Professor of Biology and Health professions coordinator at Central College; Tori Paris, Merida Studies in Global Health alumna

As student participation in health care grows, this session seeks to examine how global health experiences can provide direction in a vast field, prepare students for graduate and medical schools, and ethically serve our students and the global community.
12:00 pm
Graham Annex
Presidential Welcome Luncheon
President Mark Putnam
1:15 pm
Graham 1
Impact of Study Abroad on Reducing Student Dogmatism
Dr. Joel Frederickson, Professor of Psychology at Bethel University

In this session we will discuss the impact of study abroad on student dogmatism. Essentially, dogmatic individuals are closed-minded and not open to other ways of seeing the world. Evidence will be presented that students who participate in study abroad programs have lower dogmatism compared to other groups of students, including those who have definite plans to study abroad but have not yet had the experience.
2:15 pm Break
2:30 pm

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Graham 2
Concurrent Sessions

Sustainability Before, During and After

Ruth Verweijen, Director, Vienna, Austria; Dr. Paul Weihe, Associate Professor of Biology at Central College; Marshall Romero, Vienna program alumnus

Study abroad students encounter sustainability issues the moment airfare is purchased. This session will consider the ways – both obvious and less obvious – in which students encounter sustainability practices abroad and how such practices can impact future actions.

Student Learning Abroad —  Program Presentations: Merida and Bangor

Valerie Grimsley, Director, Merida, Yucatan; Tecwyn Vaughn Jones, Director, Bangor, Wales

Hear from two resident directors as they discuss how an on-site cultural orientation and integration course embedded in a semester abroad program encourages students to see their own cultural group from a different perspective and interact ethically and responsibly with local, national, and international communities.
3:00 pm Break
3:15 pm
Graham 1
Faculty Development Abroad
Lyn Isaacson, Associate Dean for Global Education; Valerie Grimsley, Director, Merida, Yucatan; Dr. Elena Vishnevskaya, Assistant Professor of Religion and Dr. Randall Renstrom, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Central College

The relative importance faculty place on global learning has a direct effect on student participation in study abroad and other global learning opportunities.  As part of an AAC&U Shared Futures project, a team of Central College faculty recently developed and implemented a model for short-term experiential learning for faculty embedded in a longer term learning community.  Participants from the inaugural group will describe the model and its potential for global learning.
4:15 pm
Graham 1
Wrap up
5:00 - 7:00 pm Taste of Holland Reception
(Home of Brian and Lisa Zylstra – 504 Columbus St.)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Graham Banquet Hall
Pre-departure Orientation for Students and Families
Central College Abroad Staff

Conference attendees are invited to participate in our pre-departure orientation for summer and fall 2012 study abroad students. The orientation will include a general session and program specific breakout sessions.