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I chose Central College Abroad because of the location, available classes, Outdoor Pursuits program, and housing situation.
– Shireen Jahedkar
Austin College

academic program/courses

The Central College Abroad program in Bangor offers immense academic choice. A typical course load is 12-17 credit hours. The program is broken down into four areas:

Just like their home institutions, students can choose the right combination of courses to complete their academic schedule. Most courses carry three semester hour credits. Final course registration takes places during Registration Week in Bangor.

Culture Course

This course, taught by the resident director, is the foundation on which your academic program is built, providing cultural and historical context. As part of this course, all students are required to participate in a Bangor University club, society or ensemble.

Please see our course catalog for credits and course description.

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Central College Abroad course

A special add-on (exclusively for Central College Abroad students) is our popular experiential-based course which combines instructional aspects of outdoor adventures such as rock climbing, sea kayaking, sailing, mountain biking, canoeing, ropes courses, sea level traversing, surfing, gorge scrambling, mountaineering and more with practical learning experiences in the areas of problem solving, communication, group work, leadership and reflective thinking — all in the beautiful surroundings of Snowdonia National Park.

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Affiliate university electives

Bangor University

Students in Wales choose from a broad range of academic courses and departments at Bangor University. It's one of the advantages of studying with Central College Abroad in Wales. This is one of the few study abroad sites, from any study abroad program, where there are few limitations to what you can study. So whether you're into music or marine biology (or anything in between), you can look for courses, all taught in English, in your academic area.

Please see our affiliate university information to learn more about the opportunities at Bangor University.

Internships and Service-learning

On Central's study abroad programs, learning begins in the classroom, but continues in many different settings outside the traditional educational environment — offering you a more in-depth cross-cultural experience. Students can choose from either an internship or a service-learning option, both for academic credit. Central College Abroad programs offer these experiences as a way to more fully immerse yourself in the culture.

Please see our section on internships and service-learning to discover your hands-on options.