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I can't think of a single reason someone wouldn't want to spend four months living in the greatest city in the world, having the experience of a lifetime every day! Words cannot describe how wonderful my time in London really was.
– Mike Koscielny
St. Joseph's College


Central College Abroad’s strong academic foundation comes from being a part of a well-respected, private liberal arts college. The overall study abroad experience is enhanced by Central College Abroad's unique academic offerings:

  • Required cross-cultural course work
  • Central College Abroad courses
  • Course work at affiliate universities
  • Internship & service-learning opportunities

Required courses

All Central College Abroad programs include at least one required cross-cultural course. Such courses are the foundation on which your academic program is built, providing the cultural and historical context needed to discuss, experience and discover more about your host country’s life and culture. Required courses are facilitated by the resident director and include cultural excursions, interesting reads, lively discussions, and reflective journaling.

Central College Abroad courses

Central offers unique coursework through our own Central College Abroad courses. These courses are taught by our expert local faculty, each designed to provide further insight in to a specific aspect of the culture's art, history, etc. Examples include Latin American Novel (Merida, Yucatan), Shakespeare on Stage (London, England), Music in Vienna (Vienna, Austria), and Outdoor Pursuits (Bangor, Wales).

Affiliate university course work

Central is proud to be affiliated with some of the finest schools in the world, such as the London College of Fashion. Course work at affiliate universities provides students with a variety of course options to help fill out their academic schedules as well as the invaluable opportunity to gain insight into university life in that country. Students on our language programs (with the appropriate language level) truly immerse themselves in the language through courses in the target language alongside local students.

A listing of all required courses, as well as course work through Central College Abroad and affiliate universities can be found in our course catalog.

Internship and Service-learning

On Central’s study abroad programs, learning begins in the classroom, but continues in many different settings outside the traditional educational environment — offering a more in-depth cross-cultural experience.  Students can choose from either a service-learning or an internship option, both for academic credit. Central College Abroad programs offer these experiences as a way to more fully immerse oneself in the language and culture.

All students receive a Central College transcript at the end of their academic study abroad experience.