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I loved my Spanish classes because they were flexible, taught by an unbelievable professor, and they were multifaceted – there were a variety of opportunities to practice our Spanish in different situations.
– Emily Madsen
Drake University

Academic Program/ Courses

Language and Culture
The heart of the Language and Culture program is the immersive experience in the classroom and the community that will dramatically improve your Spanish, even if it isn't your specialty. Courses are offered in both English and Spanish. A typical course load is 12-17 credit hours. The academic program is broken down into five areas:

Culture Course

The culture course is taught in English by the resident director and serves as the foundation for your academic program, providing cultural and historical context.

Course is offered for three credits.

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Spanish language courses

In addition to the above course, all students are also required to take at least one Spanish language course. Language courses are taught in Spanish at the beginning through advanced level.

Students choose from the following courses based on language level:

Courses are offered for three to six credits.

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Central College Abroad courses

Central College Abroad elective courses are taught by local faculty at the Central College Abroad house. There is opportunity for coursework in both English and Spanish, with options for beginning through advanced speakers.

Course electives include:

Courses are generally offered for one to three credits.

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Affiliate university electives

Advanced language students have a very unique immersion opportunity, with the ability to enroll in up to two courses alongside Yucatecan students at local universities. Choose from Marista University, Modelo University, or Autonomous University of Yucatan.

Please see our affiliate universities information to find out which university would best fit you.

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Internships and Service-learning

On Central’s study abroad programs, learning begins in the classroom, but continues in many different settings outside the traditional educational environment — offering you a more in-depth cross-cultural experience. Students can choose from either a service-learning or an internship option, both for academic credit. Central College Abroad programs offer these experiences as a way to more fully immerse yourself in the language and culture. Please see our section on internships and service-learning to discover your hands-on options.

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