Happy Birthday Dear Central 150 150 years of photography


Elihu Gunn
Elihu Gunn 1857-1861




E.H. Scarff
E.H.Scarff 1862-1871



Lewis Dunn
Lewis Dunn 1871-1881



George Garner
George Garner 1881-1884




Rev. Daniel Reed
Rev. Daniel Reed 1885-1886




Rev. Seth Axtell
Rev. Seth Axtell 1888-1890



Rev. John Stuart
Rev. John Stuart 1891-1895



Rev. Arthur Chaffee
Rev. Arthur Chaffee 1895-1899



Rev. Lemuel Garrison
Rev. Lemuel Garrison 1903-1909



Rev. John Beyl
Rev. John Beyl 1911-1914



Rev. John Bailey
Rev. John Bailey 1914-1917




Dr. Milton Hoffman
Rev. Milton Hoffman, 1917-1925



Dr. John Wesselink
Rev. John Wesselink 1925, 1934



Dr. Irwin Lubbers
Dr. Irwin Lubbers, 1934-1945



Rev. Gerrit Vander Lugt
Rev. Gerrit Vander Lugt, 1946-1960



Dr. Arend Lubbers
Dr. Arend Lubbers, 1960-1970



Dr. Kenneth Weller
Dr. Kenneth Weller, 1970-1990




Dr. William Wiebenga
Dr. William Wiebenga, 1990-97



Dr. David Roe
Dr. David Roe, 1998-present



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